Joanna Fulford   

 Author of Historical Romance

Marcus Edenbridge is an unwilling protagonist who is haunted by the past, overtaken by events beyond his control, forced to take on a role he didn't choose in a place he didn't want to be, and caught up in a dangerous web of intrigue. When he hires the lovely Claire Davenport as governess for his young niece, he is unprepared for the  growing attraction he feels towards her.  For her part, Claire must suppress her feelings for her handsome employer, because she  is not prepared to be a rich man’s plaything.

The Wayward Governess  Short-listed for the Pure Passion Awards 2011

Wulfrum, a warrior of renown, is rewarded by his overlord with lands in England and, thus, the estate of Ravenswood becomes his. Along with it goes Elgiva, the beautiful Saxon captive whom he marries by force. Their tempestuous relationship is further complicated by the presence of Aylwin, a Saxon lord, who vows to kill Wulfrum and reclaim Elgiva, his former betrothed. Torn between loyalty to her people and the growing attraction she feels toward her husband, Elgiva must choose where her future lies.

Praise for The Viking's Defiant Bride

“Fulford’s story of lust and love set in the Dark Ages is reminiscent of Woodiwiss’ The Flame and the Flower. A suspenseful plot, well-developed characters and a passionate romance combine to keep readers engaged from start to finish. The authentic depiction of the historical setting adds to                                 the enjoyment of this...evenly paced story”.

                                RT Magazine

The Viking’s Defiant Bride

When her father is captured by the French, Sabrina Huntley’s one thought is to obtain his release. To facilitate this she agrees to go on a dangerous mission into occupied territory to retrieve military plans from a Spanish government agent. Her confederate is Major Robert Falconbridge, the most provoking man she has ever met and the very last person she would have chosen.  For his part, Sabrina is a liability he could have done without. However, if they are to have a hope of success, they must work together and each will have to trust the other. Given their respective experiences of the opposite sex, trust is the last thing they feel.

His Counterfeit Condesa
The Viking’s Touch         Golden Quill Finalist 2012

                    Sequel to - The Viking’s Defiant Bride   

Wulfgar and his band of warriors are on their way to join Rollo when their ship is damaged in a storm, and puts into a small bay off the Anglian coast.  They need to carry out urgent repairs and this looks like a perfect haven.  However, it turns out to be anything but.  For a start there is Lord Ingvar’s war band who make it clear that the newcomers are not welcome. Then there is Anwyn, the beautiful and wealthy widow, on whom Ingvar has designs.  Having escaped one forced marriage she is not about to embark on another.  Striving to maintain her independence and protect her young son, she feels increasing isolated and under threat. When she agrees to help Wulfgar he is grateful and, on learning of her predicament, even sympathetic. Unfortunately, he won’t be around long enough to become involved, and anyway it’s none of his business.  However, Anwyn, soon realises that he is the one person who could help her.



The Laird’s Captive Wife     Golden Quill Finalist 2011

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His Lady of Castlemora  

This is the sequel to The Laird’s Captive Wife.  The story takes place five years after the events related in the first book.

 After a year of marriage, Isabelle Graham, is widowed and childless.  Cast out by her husband’s kin she returns in disgrace to her father, minus her dowry as well. Essentially she has become a liability.  If she can’t find another husband the alternative is the cloister.  Meanwhile, Lord Ban wishes to marry and produce an heir so that his line won’t die out, but, being a dispossessed Saxon thane, his prospects of attracting a suitable bride seem slim.  When Isabelle is suggested as a possibility he is strongly tempted.   However, there is a question mark over her ability to have children and Ban needs to be certain before he commits himself openly.  His suggestion of a secret betrothal is agreed by Isabelle’s father who wants her off his hands.  However, Isabelle is less enthusiastic about the arrangement.  Then there is Murdo, the ruthless leader of Castlemora’s mercenary force, who desires Isabelle for himself...


Christmas at Oakhurst Manor in

Snowbound Wedding Wishes

What the critics say:

“Following the criteria that each of these charming novellas must be set during a snowbound holiday, this trio of authors offers up delectable stories capturing the atmosphere of the English countryside, village celebrations, house parties and most of all romance. Each author has a personal spin on the theme, making each story as wonderful, uplifting and romantic as the next. What a treat for readers.

Summary: Allen's
"An Earl beneath the Mistletoe" casts a returning soldier lost in a storm, a beautiful alewife with a mysterious past, her twin boys and villagers, all in a tale that highlights the importance of companionship, friendship and the warmth of the season and romance.

Ashford's "Twelfth Night Proposal" sees a London high-flyer fleeing an unwanted engagement, and coming to claim his inheritance, enchanted by an intrepid young woman and the holiday spirit.

A second chance at love inspires Fulford to celebrate "Christmas at Oakhurst Manor" where circumstances bring a couple together after 10 years to find their old flame is still very much burning.”

RT Book Reviews

 “Linked by the “snowbound for the holidays” theme, these delightful Regency-set novellas treat readers to three very different but equally engaging romances, all overflowing with warmth and an abundance of English holiday tradition. A snowstorm brings together a widowed, gently-bred alewife and a major returning from the war with unexpected results in Allen’s touching “An Earl Beneath the Mistletoe”; a young officer comes back to England to learn he has inherited a fortune and finds a mystery and the love of his life in Lucy Ashford’s charming “Twelfth Night Proposal”; and a couple separated for a decade rekindle their love at a holiday family gathering in Joanna Fulford’s heartwarming reunion story, “Christmas at Oakhurst Manor.” VERDICT The spirit of the holidays shines through brilliantly, and the snow plays its part in this captivating, re-warding anthology that would be a worthy addition to historical romance collections.

Library Journal

                   The Caged Countess

In the absence of a loving marital relationship Claudia Brudenell, Countess of Ulverdale, has sought fulfilment by working for British Intelligence, an aspect of her life that she keeps hidden from the fashionable London society in which she moves. In the shadowy world of espionage she is known to her colleagues as Claudine.  When the Paris cell is betrayed she is unwillingly thrown into the company of charismatic and rakish adventurer Antoine Duval.  Although he saves her from arrest, Claudia suspects that he’s not at all what he seems to be and looks forward to ending their alliance as soon as possible.  Unfortunately for her plans and her peace of mind, Duval isn’t so easy to get rid of and her suspicions about him are well-founded.  To compound these problems her estranged husband, Anthony Brudenell, announces his imminent return home.  The immediate future looks dire but it rapidly becomes more disturbing than Claudia ever imagined.

This story features characters whom you will have met in His Counterfeit Condesa.

When their manor at Heslingfield is destroyed by the king's mercenaries, Ashlynn is alone and penniless in a dangerous land.  Her troubles are compounded when she falls into the hands of Black Iain, a notorious border warlord.  Haunted by the past and driven by his thirst for revenge, Iain believes he has no time for the kind of encumbrance that Ashlynn represents.  Commanded by his king, Malcolm III of Scotland, to take her to wife, Iain has no choice but to obey, and so brings his captive bride to her new home, the sombre fortress at Dark Mount.  Here Ashlynn must make a new life for herself among strangers.  Foremost of these is the dangerously charismatic man who is now her husband and who means to claim her for his own.


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                     Redemption of a Fallen Woman

To save his family from financial ruin, Harry Montague must discover the truth about his brother’s death.  To do that he must find the man who was with him at the time. The witness lives in Spain, a country that Harry would never have chosen to revisit because it holds too many unpleasant memories.  Nevertheless, personal feelings must not be allowed to stand in the way of duty.  Of course, he anticipates difficulty in finding the man he needs to talk to. What he certainly doesn’t anticipate is the advent of Elena Ruiz, a fiery Spanish beauty who not only disturbs him profoundly but whose personal agenda will throw all his plans into disarray.

Surrender to the Viking  

This is the sequel to Vikings Touch

A hot-tempered redhead with a talent for sword craft, Lara Ottarsdotter has seen off many an unwanted suitor!

Then the Viking warlord Finn Egilsson comes seeking vengeance on a mutual enemy, and Laura’s despairing father offers him a bounty of ships and swords. The price? Finn must take Lara as his wife

Finn has no wish to endure marriage again, yet his reluctant bride fires his blood with one passionate kiss. Her courage means she will never yield in battle, but soon all he wants is her ultimate, willing surrender - in the marriage bed!

“Nobody does Vikings as well as Fulford”

-RT Book Reviews on Defiant in the Viking;s Bed